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Personal Finance Daily: Warren Buffett leaves Gates Foundation board — and says he’s halfway to giving away most of his fortune, and SCOTUS decision could help advance Biden’s housing agenda


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SCOTUS decision could help advance Biden’s housing agenda — starting with the firing of the FHFA director

A Supreme Court decision released Wednesday will allow President Biden to fire the current director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Read More

There’s no tuna in the tuna sandwich? 5 reasons I still love Subway

The fast-food sandwich chain is likely to survive, if not prosper. Read More

Warren Buffett leaves Gates Foundation board — and says he’s halfway to giving away most of his fortune

Bill Gates said he was grateful for Buffett’s ‘enduring friendship.’ Read More

New home sales fall short of expectations, but dropping lumber prices could provide breathing room

‘Demand for new homes has held up comparatively well even as mortgage applications for home purchase have dropped.’ Read More

Some households may have to repay expanded Child Tax Credit — 4 key differences with stimulus checks

Starting in July, eligible families will get $250 for every child aged 6 through 17. Families will get $300 per child for every kid under age 6. Read More

Some financial advisers never meet their clients face to face. Is that a problem?

Building trust takes extra effort when relationships are long-distance. Read More

Skip that giant SUV: 6 vehicles that will still do the job and save you thousands

Don’t sacrifice drivability, convenience, and fuel economy for a little extra space or capability you’ll rarely need. Consider these smaller, more affordable alternatives. Read More

How to live, work and travel around the world from a suitcase

A remote work lifestyle opens up opportunities to visit all the places on your bucket list. But how do you prepare, and what do you pack? Here’s a guide. Read More

‘I am not a loan shark’: I loaned my sister $20K and she repaid me after two years with insane interest: 30%. What do I do?

‘She argues that it is not too much because it took her over two years to repay the loan.’
Read More

‘Marriage sure does make love suck’: My fiancée wants a big, expensive wedding — but we’d agreed to a $15K budget

‘I thought we were on the same page — small wedding, no engagement photos, save the money and get a house. Why go into marriage in debt?’ Read More

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