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Personal Finance Daily: Letter from India: ‘Trucks carrying oxygen cylinders are being waylaid and looted,’ and pending home sales rise, but low inventory could cause headaches for buyers


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My second husband, 86, and I have 12 kids between us. He wants me to leave him everything — and says he will pass on the inheritance to my 5 children

‘He wants to leave the house to his children, but says if I outlive him I can live in it or rent somewhere if I wish to move.’ Read More

My financially reckless ex-husband bought a house with our son — now his business is failing. How can we be free of this mess?

‘This was the way my father treated my mother, so I thought it was normal.’ Read More

My coworker wants to sell her house as prices have skyrocketed. The co-signer on her mortgage demands 25%. Can she sell without his permission?

‘He is either mistaken in the leverage he holds, or else your coworker has confused co-signer with co-owner.’ Read More

Letter from India: ‘Trucks carrying oxygen cylinders are being waylaid and looted’

Letter from India: ‘We live in mortal fear of COVID-19. Every citizen is at risk from these new variants.’ Read More

Is my boyfriend of 13 years entitled to half my house? I bought it 12 years ago — and he never helped with the bills

‘He is now claiming that he’s entitled to half the value of the house.’ Read More

My sister inherited the family home, but not the contents. She set up a ‘garage sale’ — and key items were missing. Should I pursue legal action?

‘She kept saying, “I have to think about my retirement.” She is 67. I think she is padding her 401(k) with everything she can get her hands on.’ Read More

I saved $1.1M for retirement, earn $128K and have $22K in cash. Can I afford my dream car — an $80K Nissan GT-R?

‘I’m 41 and single with no kids, and have always been a big saver.’ Read More

My mom added me to her bank accounts before she died. Am I legally or morally obliged to disclose these accounts to my siblings?

‘My mom trusted me to take care of all her finances as well as all aspects of her life/care, and any house repairs/problems.’ Read More

Pending home sales rise, but low inventory could cause headaches for buyers

Ultra-low mortgage rates should keep home-buying demand strong, but inventory will remain a challenge. Read More

Mortgage rates remain under 3% — but could become more volatile in the months to come

As the U.S. economy rapidly improves, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve. Read More

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