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Personal Finance Daily: Americans gave a record amount to charity in 2020 — but it wasn’t all out of the goodness of their hearts and why nearly one in four teachers say they may quit


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Maternity Leave vs. Mortgage: Some Lenders Claim Women Can’t Have Both

Denying a mortgage to a woman because she is on or plans to go out on maternity leave is illegal, yet it’s still happening today. Read More

Bankruptcy filings fell in 2021, but will post-COVID ‘shadow debt’ spell trouble for Americans?

‘As the pandemic relief runs its course, however, mounting financial challenges may result in more households and companies seeking the shelter of bankruptcy.’ Read More

Nearly one in four teachers say they may quit by the end of the school year — here’s why

Stress levels for U.S. teachers were high before the pandemic, and have only gotten worse. Read More

‘The house is filthy and odorous’: My mom, 89, is a hoarder. My brother, 60, siphons money from her. How do I protect myself?

‘She and I do not have a relationship. Her relationship is with her money.’
Read More

Americans gave a record amount to charity in 2020 — but it wasn’t all out of the goodness of their hearts

Donations to charity hit an all-time high last year, according to the latest Giving USA report. Read More

‘It’s a fight you don’t want’: Will the Texas court ruling requiring employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine unleash more cases?

Just 3% of companies as of May had a vaccination mandate, according to one recent survey Read More

Curious about EVs? Here are answers to common questions about electric cars

Many car buyers think they want an electric car, but they have a lot of questions before they buy. We answer the FAQs, including some you may not have even thought to ask. Read More

Car thefts are on the rise, especially catalytic converters—how to protect yourself

Does insurance cover stolen parts or a stolen vehicle? Here are some answers, and some ways to help prevent your car from getting taken. Read More

Do you know how much your coworkers are making? This study has bad news for workers who find out

In some cases ‘pay transparency reduces the bargaining power of employees,’ according to research circulated by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Read More

If you didn’t file a tax return, this is a critical tool for getting your child-tax-credit cash

The tax-collection agency on Monday announced a new tool to get checks to the people who need the money most. Read More

: Amazon will open the doors to a grab-and-go, checkout-less grocery store on Thursday

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