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NewsWatch: Why a crash in meme stocks AMC and GameStop looks more likely now


Heavy insider selling is a warning sign that a stock’s price is inflated. See full story.

Dow set to edge lower as stock-market investors await Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s policy update

U.S. Contracts for stocks trade flat to slightly lower Wednesday morning, as Wall Street braces for what is widely viewed as an important policy update from the Federal Reserve on the U.S.’s economic recovery from COVID and the pace of inflation. See full story.

What lumber and gold prices tell us about the stock market’s next move

Commodities have an effect on stocks but the one to watch is platinum. See full story.

You could unwittingly triple your Medicare premiums — here’s what to watch for

These 5 financial moves could increase your Medicare premiums. See full story.

‘It’s a fight you don’t want’: Will the Texas court ruling requiring employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine unleash more cases?

Just 3% of companies as of May had a vaccination mandate, according to one recent survey See full story.


‘We are both in our mid-70s and are unlikely to downsize from our present home, which has three bedrooms and offers single-floor living.’ See full story.

NerdWallet: 5 financial lessons from Grammy-winner Brandi Carlile

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