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NewsWatch: More investors than ever are borrowing to buy stocks. Here’s what this really means for the market


Total margin debt has nearly doubled since March 2000. See full story.

Why companies like crypto platform Coinbase are issuing a torrent of convertible bonds

What are convertible bonds? Investors can buy the bonds to earn a steady, often modest income stream, but also might end up owning valuable company stock. See full story.

Do I need to put my wife’s name on my house? I built it four years before we were married

‘When I die, doesn’t she automatically get the house since she is my spouse?’ See full story.

‘Money is inherently emotional’: A guide to responsible splurging — or ‘enlightened hedonism’

Will Benedetto and his girlfriend have cut down on streaming services to save money. ‘We have that thirst to date one another, instead of cohabit with one another,’ he said. See full story.

If it’s not enhanced unemployment benefits, why are people turning down jobs?

Some people are finding it difficult to get a job, while others need to find affordable child care. See full story.


See full story.

Cryptos: Bitcoin is ‘a con,’ declarers media luminary Barry Diller

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