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NewsWatch: Life might feel more certain this summer, but betting on a calm stock market still could go wrong

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The next couple of months could easily see more volatility in markets, as more people take time off starting this Memorial Day weekend, potentially exacerbating swings in stocks and other financial assets. See full story.

Epic vs. Apple: The (predicted) verdict is in

Though few expect the judge to force major changes at the App Store or deem Apple a monopolist, they fully expect prescriptive measures that could address 30% commission fees for large developers as well as accommodations to Apple’s payment system. See full story.

A ‘bloody crypto’ Memorial Day weekend? Some bitcoin bulls are dreading the long U.S. holiday break

Bullish investors in bitcoin aren’t jazzed about the upcoming U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend. See full story.

Investors should own these four sectors as the economic recovery plays out: SPDR U.S. chief strategist

Michael Arone of State Street Global Advisors recommends owning cyclical stocks in the financial, energy, materials and industrial sectors. See full story.

These cool, high-quality stocks are just right for this overheated, overvalued market

Well-managed companies boast strong cash flow, a stable shareholder base, and are under most investors’ radar. See full story.


The coronavirus pandemic shook up the U.S. employment picture last year, but one trend persisted: a rising share of workers who test positive for marijuana. See full story.

Outside the Box: How billionaires’ secretive speculation threatens the next financial meltdown

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