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NewsWatch: A crazy week for U.S. stocks came with a change in the market narrative — should investors believe it?


Goodbye, inflation scare. Hello, growth fears. A topsy-turvy week for the stock market is accompanied by a change in the market narrative — should investors believe it? See full story.

Billionaire space race: As Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos blast off, here’s how their suborbital trips match up

Who’s flying higher, who’s going longer, and what’s at stake with Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin’s first passenger flights See full story.

Bitcoin ETFs likely wouldn’t be bearish for crypto but they might not be right for you

Widespread enthusiasm for an asset doesn’t always signal a market top. See full story.

We want a $250,000 home within an hour of the mountains or the ocean — where should we retire?

The community should have access to cultural events, good restaurants as well as biking and hiking, and be close to a major airport. See full story.

Houston is winning the competition to establish tech hubs in Texas

Houston’s resurgence is part of a Texas tech wave, the crown jewel of which could be the gleaming new corporate headquarters of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. See full story.


Researchers looked at the number of weeks a household suddenly without employment income ket its typical consumption rate See full story.

In One Chart: June is hottest on record in the U.S. as 40-year toll of major climate disasters reaches $2 trillion

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Where Should I Retire?: I’m 66, get $26,300 a year in Social Security and want to live in a small city by the ocean — so where should I retire?

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