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: NATO expected to toughen G-7 stance on China


President Joe Biden takes part on Monday in a summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, where the alliance members could for the first time deem China a security risk.

  • Leaders of the G-7 group of the world’s largest democracies took a firm stance over the weekend over Taiwan and human rights abuses and forced labor practices in China.
  • The G-7 also challenged Beijing over its “nonmarket policies and practices which undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy.”
  • According to diplomats quoted by Reuters, NATO will stop short of calling China an adversary, but will call it a “systemic” security challenge to the alliance.
  • The G-7 leaders also announced the launch of a “Build Back Better for the World” (B3W) initiative to counter China’s “Belt and Road” program of infrastructure spending in poor countries.

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The outlook: Biden should find it easier to convince NATO members of the need for a strong message to China, after European leaders at the G-7 proved more cautious about how to respond to Beijing’s assertiveness — leaving B3W, for now, an initiative without proper financing.

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