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Buy This, Not That: How to save $49 on the 2020 Apple iPad Air


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The deal: Amazon is now offering the 2020 Apple iPad Air for $549.99. The 10.9-inch, 64GB model is normally $599 (that is what Apple and Target, for example, have it priced at now). 

BUY NOW: 2020 Apple iPad Air for $549.99

What we like about the deal: The 2020 Apple iPad Air is a reviewer favorite. PC Magazine declares that “the fourth-generation iPad Air gives you the power of an iPad Pro for less money, making it the best Apple tablet to buy in 2020,” adding that it “offers so much more than the $329 base iPad that it’s worth taking the step up if you can afford it.” Meanwhile, CNET declares: “The iPad Air has a fantastic design, the perfect size and right now it’s the best iPad (if you can afford it).”

Other things to consider: The Apple iPad Air isn’t perfect: Reviewers have noted that neither its battery life nor its multitasking abilities are best in class. And, it’s not cheap, even with $50 off, though PC Magazine does note that it is “a good long-term investment.” This also isn’t the lowest price of the year (Tom’s Guide notes that price was $539) though at $549.99 it’s pretty close. 

BUY NOW: 2020 Apple iPad Air for $549

Bottom line: If you’re in the market for a tablet now, this is a high-quality option to consider. However, its price could drop further (some pros are predicting sales on it for Prime Day). 

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